How a Medical Spa Clinic Drives ROI from Facebook Leads

The Challenge

The Medical Spa Clinic wanted to create a scalable lead generation system. They knew that Facebook Marketing had worked for other professionals in their industry, but they have never run their own digital marketing campaign and weren’t sure how to begin. They work with me to build and operate a lead generation system on Facebook in order to increase their client base and number of sales per month.

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The Solutions

Facebook’s marketing solutions had the perfect mix of offering to help meet our clients goals. To begin this process, I set up a digital Ad Campaign on the platform. Many medical niched are not confident in Facebook Advertising Solutions because of its seemingly limited targeting capabilities by importing existing datasets into Facebook platform to identify the right potential customers and devices a content strategy focused on producing specific, relevant content. For example, I showcased important facts and infographic images for creatives, highlighting the offer, features and benefits, Sales and Discount. I did A/B testing on its creatives to test which creative will attract the audience’s attention and convert them to leads. I also continually optimized ad content and audience targeting to drive high engagement and conversion rates.

The Results

I was able to increase the revenue by 65%.

In total, we generated $67,910 in revenue from $761.47 in ad spend. 

2 ad creatives in particular drove the best cost per purchase, and so were favored by Facebook. The video creative delivered a cost per purchase of $6.11 and the medspa’s own image of a treatment taking place generated a cost per purchase of $9.43.


Lux Med Spa


March 2022


Medical Spa


United States

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