30% ROAS Increase for Local Fashion Ecommerce Brand

The Challenge

The Client have been doing there own ads but is unable to increase sales and optimize the campaign. They have spent thousands of dollar on ads spend and suffer a loss. They came to me looking for an advise, I did an audit on there ads account and check on ways to improve the campaign and implement a Sales Funnel to transform their campaign and generate income.

Client have a wide array of products 400+ in total. First challenge is I need to find which among the 400+ items will sell like crazy. Second finding the winning products that performs the best. Third. Testing and finding the right Audience. Fourth, Recommending a highly converting creatives. Making sure that the creatives will attract the audience attention, and convert them into paying customers.


The Campaign Strategies

TOFU-Top of the Funnel

Spend 70% of the Total Budget

MIFU- Middle of the Funnel

Spend 25% of the Ads Budget

BUFU- Buttom of the Funnel (Purchase Funnel)

Spend 5% of the Ad Budget

Testing Strategies

Tactical Strategies

Scaling Strategies


This is the results after running the campaign and implementing a dynamic approach on their ads. I have  restructured the entire account. In the first month this is what we achieve:




February 2022


E-commerce Brand



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