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My dynamic approach on establish and drafting a successful campaign structure. Help my clients to increase their monthly revenue and generate qualified leads

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Ready to scale to multiple 6- and 7- figures and don’t have time or money to waste figuring ads out yourself? I’ll create and manage your ads on a monthly basis, plus provide you with detailed weekly reports so you can stay in the loop!


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I will do everything possible to ensure the success of your ads. However, Facebook ads is not a magic wand. If your product doesn't have market validation, no real unique selling proposition, your website is slow/hard to navigate, then that will for sure affect sales too.

No. I only need access to your Facebook page and Facebook ads manager as an advertiser for your company. No ownership or admin request is needed. I will walk you through this during our consultation. I will not have any access to card details or your personal account/information.

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I’m a Facebook Ads Specialist with more than 5 yrs of experience in Digital Marketing. I Specialise in Facebook Ads for Ecommerce and Lead Generation Ads for Medspa and Real Estate.

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