About Abby Verdejo

I am a META BLUEPRINT Certified Facebook Ads Expert

I’m a Facebook Ads Strategist with 5 Yrs of Experience in Digital Marketing. I’m a highly trained and motivated specialist with an extensive background in Facebook advertising. I help e-commerce business owners to maximize their profit through new and effective digital marketing strategies. I have a comprehensive knowledge of the latest media trend and consumer habits.

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My work experience include analyzing data to inform strategic decisions, creating, optimising and analysing Facebook ads campaigns to drive business results. 

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I keep an eye out on your ads and metrics every single day, so that you and I know exactly what is working and what isn’t. When I dig deep into what the data is telling me, I am able to offer suggestions on what we can do to improve ad & conversion performances. 

My Expertise

Facebook Advertising
Google Advertising
Tiktok Advertising
LinkedIn Advertising
Who I Am

Why hire a Facebook ads Strategist?

When you see the Meta Certified badge, you can guarantee that you are dealing with an advertising professional who can strategically plan, construct and analyze your Facebook Ad campaigns and keep it competitive and profitable.


Smart Solution



Efective Strategy


Why Choose Me?

Your Trusted Partner For Your Social Media Ads

By creating and executing insanely effective marketing campaigns that will help you predictably grow your audience, generate new leads and make more sales every day.

Trusted By Entrepreneurs

I help new and established businesses create marketing campaigns that thrive in today's world. Unlike traditional approaches to marketing, my approach focuses on sales first and everything else second.

Digital Marketing Expert

Whether you're the type of person who loves to learn and empower themselves or you'd rather pay someone to do the heavy lifting for you. I offer a couple of different ways to work together that will fit your business needs.

I Only Work With A Select Number Of Clients At A Time

This allows me to (1) Take a deep dive to get to know your business inside and out. (2)Work closely with you to fully understand your offering, your customer journey and your long term business goals. (3)Be an asset to your business instead of someone who just "does your ads"


Find out if I am the right Advertising Expert for you with a 27-point Facebook audit

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*Services start at $1200 with lockin period of 3 months, moving to 10% of ad spend for accounts that spend over $15k per month


General Question

What is everything? We’re glad you asked!

I will do everything possible to ensure the success of your ads. However, Facebook ads is not a magic wand. If your product doesn't have market validation, no real unique selling proposition, your website is slow/hard to navigate, then that will for sure affect sales too.

No. I only need access to your Facebook page and Facebook ads manager as an advertiser for your company. No ownership or admin request is needed. I will walk you through this during our consultation. I will not have any access to card details or your personal account/information.

FREE Facebook Ads Audit

I help Business Owners increase their monthly sales and generate qualified traffic, leads and conversions using my Omnipresence Strategy in Facebook and Google Advertising

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